The Best Subjects to Study in Australia

There are many reasons to study in Australia, such as the excellent quality of the universities, the gorgeous warm weather and the chance to experience another part of the world. However, you might just find that your best reason for studying abroad in the Land Down Under is that Australia offers a better possible education in your chosen field than anywhere else.

There are a few subjects that Australia specializes in and when it comes to these topics it is one of the best places in the world to study. Here are a few of the subject areas in which Australia is the ideal location for obtaining a degree, and why:

Marine Biology

Australia is well known for being one of the best places in the world to study the science of the sea. Why? Because its location means that it is surrounded by ocean and an enormous multitude of marine life. From beaches to coral reefs to sunny lagoons, Australia is the perfect place to learn about the ocean and observe its diverse inhabitants.
If you are going to study Marine Biology, why would you do your fieldwork in the chilly English Channel when you could be studying jewel-toned fish in the warm tropical Great Barrier Reef? If you choose to study Marine Biology in the UK you will likely be reading textbooks full of case studies from Australia anyway, so why not see these underwater wonders up close?

International Business

Did you know that if you study business in Australia you will have an excellent advantage that will make you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs? That is because most business schools in Australia will provide you with a perspective of the world from the Asia-Pacific region. China is emerging as a huge economic force in the world and more and more businesses are looking to hire graduates who have an understanding of the Asian market. If you study in Australia, you will have the advantage of this knowledge over other applicants and it will serve you well when working in international business, politics, development or even law.

Sport Science

Another subject area that is ideal to study in Australia is Sport Science. Physical activity and spots play a very significant part in the lives of most Australians and over 90% of the population either watch sports or play them. The climate, open space and fun loving nature of the “sporting nation” means that it is absolutely filled with athletes and has a huge demand for sports science graduates. There are 26 universities in Australia which offer degree programs in sport science, physical education or kinesiology. There are also plenty of outdoor education courses in kayaking, rock-climbing, trekking and more.

Studying abroad in Australia is a wonderful experience because you will get to experience living in another country, have an opportunity to travel and earn a degree on your resume that stands out from the crowd. However, if you are planning to major in any of these subject areas where this country excels, you have even more reason to study abroad in Australia!

Jimmie Hansen

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